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Teeter inversion tables are proven to help with

Blood Pressure
Degenerated Discs
Herniated and Prolapsed Discs
Overall Flexibility and Surgery Prevention

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Teeter Products

The EP-950 custom is simply the best gravity controlled inversion table on the market today with a custom ankle clamping system for extra comfortability.


For peace of mind we offer all of our customers a 5 year warranty on their new purchases, this includes shipping and replacing broken or faulty parts.


Built from 3.5mm heat treated high tensile steel and triple chromed 316 stainless steel. It Also has precision bearings and a ractchet system for both smooth and easy operation.

Safety Standard

Simply the best gravity controlled inversion table on the market. The Teeter brand are the only tables which meet with UL safety standard UL 1647.


Built for individuals to operate by yourself in the comfort of your own home.


Weighing in at 35kgs the table is built to be strong and durable to ensure safety for constant and sustained use.

Fold Away Size

Folds away down to a small size of 71 x 68 x 174 cm with three simple movements

Jim Mutch Sciatica

"My lower back had been somewhat inflexible since major surgery on L5, S1-3 in 1987. Then in 2002 my Rt femoral nerve was pinched and permanently damaged. This resulted in a weakened right leg and constant thigh pain. That pain was relieved soon after I started using the Inversion Table and now after three months is virtually gone. Your inversion table must rank among the best investments I have ever made. Thanks for the opportunity."

Peter Bacchus Osteoarthritis

"I consider mine to be one of my most useful and valuable possessions. I would consider that it has paid for itself several times over. About three years ago I went to a chiropractor with a very sore back. I have arthritis around L4, L5 and S1. After X-ray he was of the opinion that I would probably need surgery but he would try to help me. I can now move freely and lift muddy gumboots over an electric fence and over a quad with ease."

Why the EP-950?

Find out why the EP-950 is far superior to our competitors!

The Teeter Hang Ups EP 950 Inversion table delivers premium features that enhance ease of use and comfort while remaining true to Teeter’s 30 plus year commitment to quality and security.

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