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Customer Testimonials

The following are real testimonials from Inversion Table owners all over New Zealand. In these testimonials they explain how the table has changed their lives and helped them with the various problems they were having.


  1. Surgery
  2. Osteoarthritis
  3. No More Physio!
  4. Long-term Problems
  5. Fused Discs
  6. Degenerated
  7. Prolapsed Dics
  8. Miscellaneous

Jim Mutch Surgery

Dear Dave,

I purchased a Model 7000 from you at the Boat Show in May this year. My lower back had been somewhat inflexible since major surgery on L5, S1-3 in 1987. Then in 2002 my Rt femoral nerve was pinched and permanently damaged. This resulted in a weakened right leg and constant thigh pain. That pain was relieved soon after I started using the Inversion. Table and now after three months is virtually gone.

In addition my lower back flexibility has increased substantially, which is of great benefit to my fovourite sport, skiing. With the increased flexibility has come improved coordination as well.

Your inversion table must rank among the best investments I have ever made. Thanks for the opportunity.

Kind regards,
Jim Mutch

Catharina Bellekom Osteoarthritis

Hi David,

I was talking with my friend Emma Blake and she told me she bought one of your inversion tables. And that reminded me that I promised this testimony. I will try to make it brief.

Most of my life I have suffered from back pain apparently due to an illness in my teens. But things got quite bad for me about 18 month ago and I was having chiropractic care for sciatic nerve. I could hardly walk and found it very difficult to stand for more then one minute.

I did some research for my condition and a person in Australia recommended for me to try a inversion table and he would sell me a good one. I decided that if I were to buy one it had to be a safe table and found that the Teeter table is reliable and safe. I bought one just prior of selling my home last year in July.

I was able to return to Tauranga and nearer my family. I was quite ill with the pain and landed in hospital with pneumonia. I think it was luck that got me there as the doctor in charge ordered x-rays of my hips and lower back. No I did not suffer from sciatic nerve but osteoarthritis in both my hips. I did some more research and started to be more serious of using my inversion table as well as taking lots of vitamin c, vitamin d-3 magnesium as well as colostrum.

A year later I moved into my new home and now I can walk a short distance but I can stand without pain. I have just started my garden and do a good days work most days. I am sure the this is due to this wonderful inversion table and I will always be grateful for the benefit it is given me.

My sister is now using it and I can see that she’s improving and looking a lot happier. I am sure that I will regain full mobility in time. My family all say “this machine is the best thing you did for your self mum” I recommend this to anyone looking for a better way of life.

Catharina Bellekom 79 years of age.

All the best.


Peter Bacchus Osteoarthritis

Dear Dave and Nancy,

I bought a Teeter Hang-ups inversion table from you about two and a half years ago at the Central Districts Field Day in Feilding. I have used it regularly since then and demonstrated it to several people, two of which I know have purchased tables from you. I consider mine to be one of my most useful and valuable possessions. I would consider that it has paid for itself several times over. About three years ago I went to a chiropractor with a very sore back. I have arthritis around L4, L5 and S1. After X-ray he was of the opinion that I would probably need surgery but he would try to help me. I have spent the last two years working on a dairy farm doing the usual variety of work and working 60 hours most weeks. I can now move freely and lift muddy gumboots over an electric fence and over a quad with ease. I had a hip replaced over five years ago and I am just over 74 years. Thank you for introducing me to a Teeter hang-ups inversion table, it has improved my quality of life immeasurably.
Peter Bacchus

Ross Collins No More Physio!

During 2011 I purchased one of your “Teeter Inversion Tables” whilst at the Ellerslie Garden Show in Auckland.

Prior to the purchase I was visiting my Physiotherapist on average up to six times a month. I had been having neck and back problems since a car accident caused by a boy racer. I now use the Inverter table twice daily, morning and night when home and since purchasing the Inversion table I have had a number of very positive benefits.

My neck and back problems have almost gone, I am saving an average of $300 per month on not having to visit my old physiotherapist. Also my knees had started aching over the last few years due to old rugby injuries and as I play golf I thought that I may need knee surgery soon. My Doctor told me my knees were getting old and that if I wanted to continue playing golf I should think about a golf cart. I did buy a golf cart but now have little use for it because my knees no longer ache. I suspect it is because twice a day I hang upside down on my Inversion table and release any tension. I now walk 9 – 18 holes of golf at least five days a week.

My country club has a gymnasium and I am now able to go 2 – 4 times a week and exercise on the equipment. Since being able to exercise properly I have gone from 93.5 kilos to 88 kilos in the last six months.

I am sure that none of these excellent results would have been possible had I not purchased my Inversion table from Dave and Nancy.

Ross Collins
New Zealand

Graeme Clark No More Physio!

Hi Dave,

I recently caught up with you again at the Tauranga Home Show and mentioned to you the tremendous help your inversion machine has made to my life in general. Before I bought the machine of you 3 years ago at the Field Days I was spending $60 a month getting back treatments to sort out my ongoing back problems. Since the day I bought the inverter home and assembled it I have NOT EVER had to go back to get my physio for ANYTHING. It is the best purchase I have ever made for my health and well being and it has more than paid for itself over the time I have had it and is still like new so it will last many more years to come. Thank you for the new foot supports , they do hold you more comfortably and they feel more secure. I would recommend the “INVERTER” to anyone and everyone as It is good for you weather you have back problems or not.
Graeme Clark

Patrick Butterworth No More Physio!

Hi, I came to the show in Wellington Westpac Arena last Saturday.

A year ago I purchased a Teeter EP950 at the show and I have been very pleased with it. I agreed to provide some feedback for you, since I would recommend this to anyone with a stiff back. The feeling of release from the table is immediate.

I have always wanted an inversion device, but never imagined they would be so sophisticated and easy to use. The fact that it is perfectly balanced and can be set at a moderate angle in the early days is a great safety feature.
I don’t use it every day, more like three times a week. The effect is still great and I find even 3-5 minutes at a stretch provides a great deal of relaxation and stress relief, from shoulders to hips. I know this top quality tool will last me forever; it is super for relieving low back pain. No more trips to the chiro for me!

Patrick Butterworth

Bryce Tozer Long-Term Problems

Hi Dave
Like Most I was skeptical about your back machine and your assurances of a pain free lifestyle. We all hear of miracle cures and potions to alleviate chronic pain and have tried them all.
I had been in pain for ten years and took large amounts of drugs to function normally on a daily basis. As a last resort to avoid going under the knife I purchased the Inverter from you and used it every day, sometimes twice a day for three months and was staggered that I was able to put my socks on without help and the pain had subsided enough to do away with all the drugs.
Fourteen months on I still use it every day and have never felt better, I don’t believe in miracles but this product has too come close.
Bryce Tozer
Mission Bay

Terrence Lowe Long-Term Problems

To whom it may concern.

The teeter bed has added a new dimension to my life since purchasing it from Dave and Nancy almost a year ago.

I have suffered chronic back pain for many years due to horse riding and ballroom dancing, many dollars have I spent on specialists and treatments all to no avail and often creating more pain. At one point last year i was being treated with injections every three weeks, this continued for 6 months I have the teeter bed set up in my home and use it every morning upon rising, this takes all the pain away along with giving me a positive outlook at the start of each day. i can now do many more activities during the day as I know I can fix any pain I have just by lying on the teeter bed.

The teeter bed has brought great relief to my body and now I don’t have to keep paying out on costly professional help, can do it myself.

I can thoroughly recommend this product. To Dave and Nancy, thank you for all your help, advice and kindness and showing me a new painfree life.

Kindest Regards
Terrence Lowe

Robyn Smith Long-Term Problems

Dear Dave

I first talked to you and saw your Inversion Table demonstrated at the Motorhome Show in Hamilton on the 12th March this year. I felt sure it was the right machine for me but I was reluctant to commit to spending so much money without being sure. You VERY kindly offered me a 3 months ‘money back minus 15%’ agreement and I really appreciated that and felt very comfortable that at the end of 90 days I would be in a position to make an informed decision.

I have been diagnosed with permanent bronchitis and being ‘inverted’ is one way to help to move the congestion. That was my primary reason for buying the table. I have used it almost daily for at least 20 minutes at a time and I have been very happy with the help it has provided.

I have had very long term back problems – for 50 years to be exact – and after trying every sort of ‘help’ available had long since come to the conclusion that I just had to live with it and cope as best as I could. Well, I am delighted to report that contrary to all my expectations the Inversion Table has proved to be most beneficial. I am now able to stand up straighter more comfortably than I have been able to for A VERY LONG TIME! I am also able to garden more comfortably for much longer at a time and I am really, really grateful for that.

Had you not offered me the opportunity to have a 3 months ‘trial’ I would not have gone ahead with the purchase – and look what I would have missed out on! So once again Dave, thank you SO MUCH for stretching out the usual 30 day ‘right of return’.

All the best. Keep up the good work.

Robyn Smith

Linda Bell Long-Term Problems

I suffered over six years of back problems. The cause was quite obvious. I stopped exercising when I became absorbed working 14 hour-days glue to a computer to build on online business. I worked for 6 years like this (and still do today only less hours).

Then during a house-move, I really put my back out. A pain that nagged me day-in, day-out and restricted me so much in my movement. I used to wake up in pain. My sleep patterns changed because there were so many positions I couldn’t sleep in. I was convinced I’d “screwed up my back” for good.

I purchased the Inverter Bed about 9 months ago and it has been the best investment I’ve ever made for myself. I spent 4 weeks slowly increasing the angle and also the time, or number of minutes, spent “upside down”. By the end of that period, I was experiencing major relief.

Now I spend 10 minutes most mornings just hanging at a 180° angle, and will also do another 10 minutes of exercises which, in addition to stretching my spine, are also building up my back muscles.

I am completely pain free, I am totally flexible, my body feels like it used to when I was young and fit, and I know that I will never having to worry about my back again. I have the cure!

I simply wake up and after the bathroom, go and hang myself (by the ankles) for 10 – 20 minutes BEFORE breakfast.

But that’s not all. My memory and level of concentration has also improved. It was so subtle that I didn’t really notice it until about six weeks in to the daily practice. Suddenly I realized that I wasn’t having those memory blocks – when you’d forget something, or couldn’t think of the word or the details. I am clearer in my thinking too, it feels easier to analyse, make decisions. They say it’s the blood activating dormant brain cells – it makes sense.

I’ll be 55 next month, but I really feel the Inverter Table has given me an additional span on life. Don’t feel a day over 40 J

Linda Bell
Grey Lynn, Auckland, NZ

John Overwater Long-Term Problems

Hi Dave

I have been promising you this email for about 5years,

We have had the teeter machine for about 5years. I

have had back troubles for about 25years on and off, and was always on the lookout for a machine along the lines of the Teeter machine. Seeing the demonstration at the Hamilton home show and trying it out convinced me to purchase one I use it 3 to 4 times a week (I should use it every day)

The relief is instant, and the effects are very much ongoing.

My daughter suffered a bulging disc injury 18mths ago, and while she did end up having surgery, the use of the teeter machine gave her much pain relief, and greatly assisted her in her recovery.

The teeter machine has been a very worthwhile investment and we will be using it for many years to come.

John Overwater

Martin Long-Term Problems

To Whom it may concern

Following a minor accident at home 35 years ago, I had been left with constant lower back pain.

Nothing major (most of the time) but every year or so I would do something silly to cause it to flair up and this would leave me either on my back in bed for a few days or paying for a visit to a chiropractor.

I read all the books and tried all the recommended exercisers but the best I achieved was never good enough. In April this year I bought an Inverter, after seeing it demonstrated at the Home Show and thinking it may help. After opening the box I was pleasantly surprised with the presentation and packaging of the equipment and at last something I bought was actually easy to assemble, with all the bolts fitting in all the correct holes.After watching the DVD I was ready to go. Following the instructions I worked at it slowly got myself comfortable with inverting at 60 degrees and settled into a daily routine (only ten minutes each morning and evening) and have been very pleased with the results. Early in July after spending a few extra hours on the tractor I came home with my back burning, and I thought “ah well it was good while it lasted” I climbed on to my Inverter, just in case, gave it a few extra minutes and got off with the pain gone.

I know my back injury is not completely cured, gone, or whatever, but at long last I have now at home the means to keep things under control.
For my part money well spent.

Well done Nanave

Lisa Tamati Ultramarathon Runner Degenerated Discs

As an extreme runner who has been competing internationally in ultra marathons around the world for the past 15 years I put my body under extreme pressure. In my early twenties I also broke two vertebrae and compressed two discs and Doctors advised to either get the discs fused or expect chronic pain my life long that would worsen with time and that I should not run.

Well I am a believer in keeping active and started running a year or two after the accident and haven’t looked back since. I now have 4 discs that are totally worn and cause me a lot of pain but since I got the inversion table I haven’t looked back. Its helped me tremendously and I am extremely thankful or Inversion NZ for enabling me to continue in my career. I have run over 65,000km or the equivalent of two and a half times around the circumference of the world and I am despite the injuries still going strong thanks in part at least to this wonderful apparatus.

Lisa Tamati
Ultramarathon runner.

Paul Gordon Degenerated Discs

Dear Dave and Nancy

In 2008 I had been living with serious lower back pain for many years due to two discs with serious degeneration and was scheduled for a double spinal fusion at a cost of $48,000. The Specialist had recommended many lifestyle changes including changing my profession, which was not practical as I own my own business.

At the Waikato Home show I experienced a demonstration on a Teeter Inversion Table by Dave and Nancy Hare. To me the effect was amazing, I actually experienced some serious relief which lasted for an hour or two, I was told that the relief would last longer with time as long as I used the table regularly, so with the surgery scheduled for 12 weeks time, having nothing to lose and a lot to gain I purchased a Teeter.

Four years on I still use my table on a daily basis, my back is a strong as ever with very little or completely no pain, I am still at my same profession and working as hard as ever and most importantly I did not have the surgery. I consider the purchase of my Teeter has been on of my greatest investments, not only has it enabled me to avoid serious and costly surgery, it has kept me in my profession and it has brought my health back.

Thank you very much for the opportunity.

Very best regards

Paul Gordon

Hans Versteegh Prolapsed Discs

Hi Dave,

Just touching base as requested. It was good to meet you at the Blenheim Home Show albeit only briefly. I really did come just to say thanks.

The Teeter Hang Ups I bought off you late January has transformed my life in so many ways. I have never felt better. Not only that I have gone from not even being able to put on my shoes without tears because of the pain from my herniated disc (L5/S1) to having what feels like a complete recovery.

I have full use of my back, can do anything I want even drive all day without getting out of the car doubled over. Quite incredible really.

I use it everyday. First thing in the morning after doing the basic exercises off the supplied disc and first thing after arriving home at work. I have after six months of use just started with full inversion. I look forward in a few months time to moving on to the next phase of doing the exercises as well.

Having said that having the machine has given my life back it hasn’t been easy. Many headaches, clicking necks aches behind the knees but it all passes. As the instructions say have faith. I would add even if you don’t just keep going anyway and surprises yourself.

Anyway once again many thanks I will be eternally grateful.

Yours sincerely

Hans Versteegh

Graeme Smart Miscellaneous

Hi Dave

As requested here is testimonial regarding my experience with my inversion table.
I purchased a F7000 inversion table in July 2012 in the hope that it would relieve back discomfort.
I am 76 years old and was a keen runner in my 40’s and 50’s. Over the past decade or so I have been bothered by lower back discomfort and the usual problems many runners suffer such as knee, calf and in particular a bothersome left achillies tendon.
Each year as spring approached I would attempt to build up fitness but usually after a short period of time my achillies would force me to desist.
After a few months use of the table most of the niggles associated with my back resolved and come spring I again took to the roads and to my surprise I have had no pain whatsoever from my achillies. Noticeably all the thickening of the achillies has completely resolved.
I am well aware of my advancing age and am conscious of the need not to be silly but I am now running up to 12 km freely and am hopeful that I have at least one more half marathon in me. I would also like to say that the new ankle clamps I purchased from you recently make using the table much more comfortable and I would recommend them to all owners of the F7000.

Graeme Smart

Leslie Storey Miscellaneous

Dear Dave
We bought our inversion frame several years ago, for my husband, who had a bad back.

Sometime later I had a bad fall from a verandah, falling sideways on to a concrete path and landing on my HEAD. My husband rushed me to the North Shore Hospital where I was found to have CONCUSSION and given a brain scan. There was no obvious damage to the brain, BUT for some weeks, it didn’t feel ‘right’. It’s difficult to describe the feeling but I knew my head wasn’t functioning in the usual way. The left side of my body was also badly damaged by the fall.

Then I started using the ‘Teeter Hanger’ and within a few days my brain was working normally again which I attribute to the fact that my reverse blood flow had done the healing. I kept using the Hanger till my left side (and hand) were working again and till the stiffness in my neck improved.

I also noticed that a slight pain in my ankle, which I had broken some months ago before, but could still feel, HAD GONE.

I NOW use the Hanger whenever aches or pains develop or when I am feeling particularly tired. It is a great way to relax.

I am planning to use it for THE REST OF MY LIFE. I recommend it to all my friends.

Leslie Storey

Jan Miscellaneous

Hi Nancy,

The table is going fine and I am finding it very beneficial. Nearly 3 months ago I missed my footing on the last couple of steps on the stairs. I managed to land on my feet but in doing so I twisted and jarred my upper back.

The pain was continuous until I started to use the table when it decreased in intensity and now after a little over 2 weeks I only have the odd twinge now and again. I started with 2 minutes twice a day and increased the time gradually. Now I am doing about 12 minutes twice a day and will increase the amount of inversion soon to 60 degrees. My aim is to strengthen my back as much as possible.

I love using the table. It reminds me of my frequent hanging by my knees on a camelia tree from when I was 7. Thanks for selling such a great product.


Geoff and Cathy Ralls Miscellaneous

Approximately two years ago we purchased a “Teeter Hang Ups” device and used it regularly and as instructed. Consequently, as a result, the following benefits are noted:

Our blood pressure has reduced.
Back pain has improved.
Neck pain has improved.
And most importantly my wife no longer suffers from motion sickness when we travel, especially when previously, after a five or six hour journey she would take at least two days to recover.

As far as we are concerned the “Teeter Hang Ups” device has proved to be a beneficial investment.

Your Sincerely
Geoff and Cathy Ralls.
Blenheim NZ

Lyall William Domney Miscellaneous

Sporting injuries have given me lower, middle and upper back problems for nearly fifty years, but fortnightly visits to a Chiropractor left me reasonably mobile up to three years ago.

Spinal changes caused Chiropractic to be less effective until I was in constant pain, with loss of feeling in both feet and walking restricted to no more than two hundred metres.

I accepted that this lack of mobility with pain was to be my life until in July 2009 at the Palmerston North Ideal Home Show I experienced a demonstration on an Inversion Table by Dave and Nancy Hare.

To me the effect was miraculous. Within twelve hours I slept pain free and was so thrilled I went back for another treatment and was able to walk two kilometres the next day.

I bought an Inversion Table and for the last year have been pain free, mobile and able to do work that I would not have previously thought possible. My Chiropractor has not seen me since my purchase.

I consider the purchase of this table has been the most valuable buy in terms of health, mobility and quality of life, with the lack of pain a huge bonus.

Lyall William Domney

Louise and Roger Miscellaneous

Hi Dave

Roger has been using his table 3 times a day.

He doesn’t need to take voltaren or paracetamol for pain. He also doesn’t wake up exhausted from the pain he had. He still gets phantom pains from the nerve damage to his back but seems to have got most of it under control. Of course he’s a farmer and goes around picking up heavy things. So the table will be a permanent fixture.

Maybe I’ll get a go on it!

Hope all going well with you Nancy and the family

Louise and Roger

Carol and Frank Harwood Miscellaneous

Dear Dave

We have enjoyed our “Inversion Table’ it is used every day.

Both Frank and I are not really young people Frank having had his 78 birthday last week. We are still working almost every day at our business painting houses or fishing guiding. Lifting heavy scaffolding and climbing ladders or trees for fishing flies is not an easy task for senior people. The Use of the table has kept us balanced and well. After a hard days work the table is marvelous to straighten out the back again.
Both of us for years have had our share of back trouble from either incorrect lifting and walking on uneven ground around the rivers, but now we can keep can keep it under control with-out medication. That has to be a very big plus for any one. Neither of us have gone the whole hog of the “inversion Table “but now hang at 75%.” Thank you again.

Carol and Frank Harwood

Helen and Colin Oliver Miscellaneous

To whom it may concern,

In 2009 I went to the Home Show and bought an Inversion Table from Dave and his wife. This has proved to be one of the best things I’ve done. Most nights before going to bed I’m on it for about 4 minutes, what relief, I am a dairy farmer so this relaxes the body.

In the Autumn for about 11 weeks I train around 80 people to do their own artificial insemination, this entails a lot of shoulder and arm work, the Inversion table relaxes all these parts and being on concrete all day my body looks for the table at night. No more Chiro and Osteopath.


My Wife used to complain about her hip, I suggested you get on the Inversion Table, no no she said, then the time came and she said will you help me get on the table. Helen is now on it without me saying anything. When you get relief you have to go back for more eh, it is a great great helper. Everyone should have one.

Helen and Colin Oliver

Sue from Balclutha Miscellaneous

I purchased my Teeter in March 2016 from a roadshow in Balclutha.

My main reason for the purchase was an issue with my left leg – the whole leg ached dreadfully at night and my sleep was very poor. I had consulted my doctor and was told it was just “one of those things that is a muscular/skeletal issue and to take a couple of Panadol before going to bed. This did not work!!
I then went to an Osteopath. He advised I had one leg just a little longer than the other (very common) but still could not fix the aching. Plus no explanation as to why the leg length difference would make one of them ache anyway.
I also consulted with my sister who is a highly qualified/experienced nurse and has been both managing and then auditing aged care facilities for many years now. She said quite a few elderly people get the same issue and are basically told the same as I was by my GP.
I also have Restless Leg Syndrome.
When I first got the Teeter I followed the instructions and built up the angle as advised. After approximately 4 to 6 weeks I found the nightly leg aches had reduced markedly and by about 8 to 10 weeks of use the aching had gone completely. I am now still using the Teeter for maintenance as advised and I am pain free.
I have also found the Restless Leg Syndrome has decreased by about 50%.
So now my sleep is better than I have had in many years.
The other issue I have had is in my upper back – approximately between the shoulder blades. Over many years, probably the last 25 years, I have had to see a physiotherapist maybe 3 or 4 times per year, for manipulation to fix the issue. Since having the Teeter I have not had to visit the Physiotherapist. At this early stage (having the Teeter for 12 months), I would say that this problem has also been solved.
Finally, I find using the Teeter to be very relaxing. You just feel great all over after having a ‘Hang Up’.

Sue from Balclutha.